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Oppo Find 9 Features:So here comes the Oppo Find 9 smartphone which is going to hit the Android market in very short time. It was supposed to get in market at the end of 2016 but i guess it may take some more time to get in the market. Till then let us have a discussion about the Oppo Find 9 features through which you can easily know what exactly this device is added with. As smartphone manufacturer always give more added features and technology in their upcoming device form flagship devices. Then here is one such device Oppo Find 9 from Oppo which is going to be an great device. Experience the new innovation and different design that may compete with top smartphone brands.
The Design of Oppo Find 9 is very different and will add the speakers at bottom of device as like the iPhone. The latest processor with 4 GB RAM supported with latest released Android OS and runs over 4100 mAh battery is all included in Oppo Find 9. i know your excited but below are more features which will give you better interesting facts about this device.
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Features For Oppo Find 9:
Oppo has integrated many features in this upcoming Oppo Find 9 Smartphone. We have gathered few features of Oppo Find 9 which will be real to use. Based on rumors and the prediction about this Smartphone, user are about experience a best device from Oppo manufacturer.   
  • Oppo Find 9 is an 4G LTE Network Technology Smartphone which supports 2G, 3G and 4G network
  • Support Bluetooth with latest version along with Wi-Fi
  • Display is about 5.5" with an screen resolution of 2560*1440 pixels
  • Oppo Find 9 display is added with dual edge AMOLED display
  • Integrated with Android 5.1 Lollipop with 3.0 OS skin
  • Oppo Find 9 is supported with Qalcomm;s Snapdragon 821 quad core processor
  • Camera is developed with SmartSensor image stabilization 
  • Front camera is of 21 MP and rear camera of 16 MP
  • Oppo Find 9 is designed with Candybar size and weight Form Factor
  • Battery capacity of 4100 mAh battery to support full device specifications
This were few Best Features of Oppo Find 9 which will give you best device to use on. the design and body of Oppo Find 9 is going to attract every user, so be the first person to grab this device. Also the latest 3D technology along with Super AMOLED display has added starts to this device.
The outlet of this device is yet to be decided but you can get the review of Oppo Find 9 from your nearest Oppo center. Also get started with pre- booking accessories and grab your new Oppo Find 9.Stay connected with our website and we will inform you about the release date and about the updates if there are any.

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